Our drywall teams have learned the skill of turning a rough construction work project into a piece of art. Experience, proper equipment and the right techniques bring the best out of the drywall project. Our workers use no nails; not for finish fastening and not even for temporarily holding the sheets in place. Machinery holds the sheets in place while they are fastened. We glue all ceilings and walls, NOT just ceilings, and fasten the drywall with screws. Drywall expands and contracts and works nails loose to often make unsightly scars on ceilings and even walls. We use a method that will not move or mar with time. Our drywall specialists keep the job site clean. Leftover scraps and materials are taken up when the job is finished. Your construction site doesn’t need to look like a scrap pile.

Our drywall finishers make applying mud and finish sanding look easy. Of course you know it isn’t easy. It looks easy because they have mastered the skills needed for the project. They know how much mud to put on their trowels, how to apply it and wipe it clean. They know when and how to sand the finish to a high finish. Specialists use the point system for measuring the smoothness quality of drywall on a scale of one to five. Our finishers have mastered the number five level for the smoothest paint job available.
Like the hangers, our men have been taught to keep your work area clean. Splatters and drops are cleaned up, especially windowsills, windows and floors. This helps keep your clean up to a minimum.

Do you have a unsightly scar, crack or dent in your drywall? Did the movers slip with a piece or furniture? or a door fly back and punch a hole in your drywall? Peacheys provides top quality repairs, both large and small. Why not turn that garage into a living area? Or bring that worn down apartment back to the life it deserves? Let us take a look at your project and we’ll give you a way to make it shine anew.

Peachey’s does not specialize in plaster jobs. Our specialty is drywall and painting. But perhaps you have a small area that needs attention. We are willing to make small repairs to plaster and spackling, restoring your walls/ceiling to beautiful durability.

Cathedral ceilings and arches give a room character. The soaring heights and graceful arches add an atmosphere that you want for your special hosting rooms. But these extras bring challenges, and require expert skills to be brought to perfection. Let our specialists work with your challenges. Our experience has brought customer satisfaction time and again, even in the most challenging of situations.

What kind of corner do you want in your room? Would you like the crisp clean look of the square corner? We can do it right. Or perhaps you would prefer the gentle rounded look. It seems warmer, softer. Our craftsmen can create the effects you are looking for.